IAI Design Award 2019 - The jury
Wang Zhong (China)

Vice Chairman of Asia Pacific Designers Federation, Vice Chairman of Academic Committee of IAI Design Award                                                            

Born in Beijing in January 1963, he graduated from theSculpture  Department of the CentralAcademy of Fine Arts in 1988. Currently, he is a professor, doctoral supervisorof the Central Academy of Fine Arts, dean of the School of Urban Design,director of the China Public Art Research Center, consultant to the BeijingMunicipal Government's Expert Advisory Group, deputy director of the NationalUrban Sculpture Art Committee, Vice Chairman of China Urban SculptorsAssociation, Executive Chairman of the Public Art Committee of ChinaConstruction Culture and Art Association, Executive Director of China SculptureSociety, Vice Chairman of China Interior Decoration Association, Director ofChina Furnishing Art Committee, Committee member of Dynamic Arts Organization, DeputyCouncil president of Asia Pacific Designers Federation, Vice Chairman of IAIDesign Award Academic Committee.

Wonthe Chinese Environmental Art Outstanding Contribution Award, Chinese SculptureXu Beihong Award, National Art Awards such as the 60 years of ConstructionAchievement of New China City Sculpture Award, the 20-Year Contribution Awardof the China Sculpture Professional Committee, the Liu Kaiqu InternationalSculpture Jury Award, and the Jingqilin Living Artist Award,and many Importantart awards  

As the leader of the publicart discipline of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Professor Wang Zhong hasdevoted himself to the research work in the field of public art domestical andabroad for more than 20 years.In 2000, he found the  first public art undergraduate teaching studioin China in the Sculpture Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Heaslo established the Department of Public Art in the School of Urban Design ofthe Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2005 He is not only a public artresearcher, but also a pioneer of Chinese public art education practice.

Academic Concept

Established the AUD(Art-Oriented Urban Design) concept of art-guided urban design, advocating theconcept of "soft city", used artistic thinking and urban design toactivate and optimize the quality of urban public space, shape the city's corespirit and cultural character, build a pleasant and colorful space system forcultural activities, cultivate innovation power, and create a perpetual economyand society Value and cultural heritage.

Public art is an importantpart of urban cultural construction and the most intuitive and visible carrierof urban culture. Urban public art can cultivate the local cultural innovationability and construct the culture's self-growth atmosphere. Public art, whilecreating the urban cultural atmosphere and improving the reputation of thecity, also cultivates the public's artistic aesthetics and innovative spirit.  Exert the functional advantages of public artin innovating Chinese culture, reshaping urban identity, rebuilding communityawareness, and activating urban space, and incorporate public art into thecountry's future cultural and art development strategy.

Academic Activities

2019 Hosted the "Xiongan Art Design Capital"-Xiong'an Art City Planning; Hosted the Tomorrow City Forum 2019 Art Shaping City and the 4th International Public Art and Urban Design International Summit Forum;

2018  Hosted the overall scheming and planning of Beijing Daxing International Airport Humanistic Airport; Hosted the National Social Science Fund's public art policy to promote the value research project of "urban cultural revival"; Hosted the National Art Fund "Cultivation of Creative Design Talents for New Urbanization Construction" project; Planning of "The Common Moon on the Sea"  First Public Art Festival and the Art Leading Urban Innovation Public Art Forum in Xiamen; Convening and Organizing the "Belt and Road" Cultural Heritage Cooperation and Exchange (2018) International Workshop ; Hosted the public art project of Qingdao Metro Line M2;

2017 Initiatedthe planning of tomorrow urban forum and the 2nd International Summit of PublicArt and Urban DesignCo-foundedthe "Soft City Research Lab" with DCL London Design Center; Hosted thepublic art overall planning project of Beijing Daxing International Airport;

2016Convened, planned and exhibited the 2nd China Design Exhibition and Public ArtSpecial Exhibition hosed by Ministry of Culture; Hosted and planned

"ArtLeads Urban Innovation" the 1st International Summit of Public Art andUrban Design; Hosted the overall planning project of Beijing Daxing International Airportfor public art;

2015Hosted the art planning and design of public space in Beijing CBD core area; Presidedover the public art project "Research on the Role of Public Art in theDevelopment of New Urbanization" of the Ministry of Culture; Presided overthe Qingdao Metro M3 public art project;

2014  Hosted the public art project of BeijingMetro Line 14;

2013  Hosted public art projects at key stations ofBeijing Metro Line 15;

2012  Hosted public art projects of Beijing MetroLines 8 and 9;

2009  Presided over the planning and design of thepublic art in the Shanghai World Expo Park;

2008  Hired and engaged in the planning of theopening and closing ceremonies of the 29th Beijing Olympic Games;

2007  Hosted the project of "Comparative Studyof Public Art Investment Policies in Chinese and Foreign Cities" by theMinistry of Construction.

Monograph publishing

Introductionto Public Art (2nd Edition)”, Beijing University Press;

Introductionto Public Art”Beijing University Press;

"Sounds,Sounds-Academic Papers on Chinese Public Art", editor in chief of HebeiEducation Press;

"Interviewwith Chinese Public Art";

"PublicArt Case Exhibition Works (2005-2015)", Haitian Publishing House,editor-in-chief;

"ChinesePublic Art Literature Collection (1949-2015)", Haitian Publishing House,chief editor;

"OlympicCulture and Public Art", editor in chief of Hubei Art Publishing House


Solo exhibition:

2014 DreamingBack to the Hometown-Wang Zhong's Works Exhibition (Beijing

Sanlitun 3.5Square) Balance · Road-Wang Zhong's Works Exhibition (Beijing CBD

Cultural ForumCenter)

2019 Beihai Chao The first China Beihai InternationalOutdoor Dynamic Sculpture


"Return toChildhood"-58th Venice Biennale / Chinese Special Exhibition

Classics of the Times-2019 Chinese SculptureAcademic Invitational Exhibition

Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, Greater Bay Area UrbanPublic Sculpture

2018  “A CommonMoon at Sea” First Public Art Exhibition in Xiamen

All rivers run into sea · DalianInternational Sculpture Park

Nanjing International Light and Shadow Art Festival

2017 China Sculpture Exhibition (ChinaArt Museum)

The First China UrbanPublic Art Exhibition (Beijing Today Art Museum) World View-View the WorldZhangzhou International Contemporary Art Exhibition (Zhangzhou, Fujian)

2016Entry-2016 Public Sculpture Invitational Exhibition (Chengdu)

ChinesePublic Art Special Exhibition (Shenzhen Hua Art Museum)

2015Taiyuan International Sculpture Biennial (Taiyuan Art Museum)

2014The 12th National Art Exhibition

Exhibitionof Nominated Works of China Art Award and Creation Award (China Art Museum)

ChangyuanSculpture Biennale

Intentionsin China-Chinese Contemporary Ink Painting and Sculpture Exhibition (ParisGrand Palace)

2013Come from Kassel-China Public Art Exhibition (Zhangzhou, Fujian)

25th Anniversary of Lock Code Museum-InternationalSculpture Exhibition

2012Sino-German Cultural Year "Invisible Form" Chinese Contemporary ArtExhibition (Munich)

2011China-Korea Sculpture Exchange Exhibition (Seoul)

ShanghaiWorld Expo Park International Sculpture Exhibition (Shanghai World Expo Park)

NewYork Chinese Contemporary Sculpture Art Exhibition (New York)

2009The 11th National Art Exhibition (Changchun, Beijing)

China-Korea Sculpture ExchangeExhibition (Seoul)

2008 West Lake International SculptureInvitational Exhibition (Hangzhou)

China-SwitzerlandInteraction-Contemporary Chinese Sculpture Exhibition (Beijing, Malmo)

2007 Shanghai International SculptureAnnual Exhibition (Shanghai)

2006 Oriental Spirit—China-KoreaSculpture Exhibition (Xiamen, Seoul, Washington Kennedy Performing Arts Center)

The Second Chengdu International ArtBiennial (Chengdu International Convention and Exhibition Center)

2004 China-Imagine ChineseContemporary Sculpture Art Exhibition (Paris)

2003 Beijing International ArtBiennale (Beijing China Art Museum)

Partial Representative Work

01 Royal Wind, stainless steel, wrought copper, pneumatic device, 8000X2800X900, 2008, Beijing National Olympic Park permanent collection

01 Royal Wind (partial)

02Ark One, stainless steel, bronze, 1200X750X250cm, 2013, Soma Museum of Art, Seoul

02Ark One, Partial

03 Illusion 2, Wind-moving sculpture, 600X600X500cm, 2015, Changwon Art Museum, Korea

03 Illusion 2 (partial)

04 Critical gate, bronze, stainless steel, steel plate, 710 × 580 × 828cm, 2017

04 critical gate (partial)

05The Second Escape, Cast Stainless Steel, Bronze, 200X380X60cm, 2011, Collection of Guangzhou Times Museum

06 Life? Steel plate, wrought copper, 2000X2000X600cm, 1998, collected by Taiwan Jinbaoshan Institution

Landscape-balance, steel plate, steel bar, lava, 220X310X300cm, 2007, Changbai Mountain International Sculpture Park Collection

08 Escape Part Three, Stainless Steel and Bronze Casting, 260X500X110cm, 2012, Hangzhou Xixi Wetland Park Collection

8 The Third Escape (Partial)

09 Balance-Road, Comprehensive Materials, 5700X7500X6500, 2005, Changchun International Sculpture Park

10 Horror, stainless steel, steel plate, 3300X2800X600, 2002, Beijing International Sculpture Park Collection

11 Balance Road 2, Comprehensive Materials, 4000X4300X3000, 2006

12 Urban Archives, Stainless Steel, Steel Plate, 2100X1850X550, 2000, Collection of Guangdong Museum of Art

13 Sohu · Digital Age, stainless steel, steel plate, 2040X2060X500, 2009

14 Contemporary cultural relics, stainless steel, copper, 195X240X120cm, 2000, Beijing Oriental Plaza Collection

15 free space, cast, wrought copper, steel plate welding, 200X80X60cm, 2000

16 Illusions, Comprehensive Materials, 2200X2000X1400, 2001

17 Fan Cage, wrought copper, steel plate welding, 850X700X600, 1999

18 Body shell, stainless steel, wrought copper, 1860X500X450, 1998, Hawker Art Foundation Collection

19 Plan 1995-Demolition of Chaoyangmen, on-site, 1996

20 Demolition Plan, Comprehensive Materials, 5600X4200X2100, 1997, Guilin International Sculpture Park Collection

21 critical gate two, bronze, stainless steel, steel plate, 196x24x135cm, base 180x76x5cm, 2019

22 Sohu-Digital Age 2, Bronze, Stainless Steel, 800X1020X500, 2010, China National Art Museum Collection

23Escaper 2, bronze, stainless steel, 73X107X50cm, 2010, China National Art Museum Collection

24 Phantom 3, 88X70X30cm, 2016

24 Demolished Courtyard, One of the Old Beijing Series, Private Collection

26 Masked Ball, Wrought Copper, 90X120X140cm, 1989

27 Reinventing Nature, Wrought Copper, 900X750X600cm, 1998, Shanghai Art Museum Collection

28 Anti-Japanese War Memorial Sculpture, Bronze, Monolith, 600X240X240cm, Beijing Wanping City, 2000

29 Landscape Intent, Stainless Steel, Pneumatic Device, 6000X18000X5000, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou, 2007

30 Five Elements Cloud, stainless steel, spray paint, LED, 600X600X4000, 2018

31 Phoenix dance Jing Chu, Wuhan Garden Expo Park, 2014