IAI Design Award 2016 - Introduction

The IAI Design Award have only 26 awards, but after three rounds of reviews

from nearly two thousand works.This shows the rigor and justice of IAI review, which fully embodies IAI's assessment direction, such as innovation, foresight, green environmental protection, aesthetics, technology and so on.On behalf of the IAI award, the highest academic award of honor and IAI was best creative award for the first time from domestic designer guo-xing jiang, titled "Syria office space", at the same time it also won the Best Design

Award honorary IAI.IAI Special Jury Award was also acquired Inside a space Education Institute,  IAI Outstanding Design Award by Shang Rui Yuan Construction Design Co.,Ltd,IAI Best Humanistic Care obtained by designer Ge Fan from zhuhai.ONE TAKE ARCHITECTS

was awarded the IAI award for best environmental friendliness, and also awarded the IAI design star award and IAI best material innovation award.