Zhu Pei Zhu Pei, Founder of Zhu Yong Architectural Design Firm, Dean of Architecture School of Central Academy of Fine Arts, /visiting professor of Harvard University/Columbia University,Tsinghua University, Master of architecture, Tsinghua University, master of architecture and urban design, Berkeley University, California, USA. He founded Zhu Zhu architectural design office in 2005.

Zhu is one of the most influential architects in the Chinese Art Museum and cultural building design. He was awarded the Architectural Review Award for Future Architecture (2017), the New York Chapter Award of Honor (2015) of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), one of the five most important architects in the world (2011) by the Huffington Post, and the Architectural Record magazine of the United States. Global Design Pioneer (2007), WA "Chinese Architecture Award" (2005), by the Hong Kong DFA as "Asia's highest honorary design award", "Asia's cultural excellence design award" (2008), by the International Architecture Association, UNESCO as "design special award" (1989). At the invitation of the Guggenheim Art Foundation, he designed the Guggenheim Museum in Beijing and the Guggenheim Art Museum in Abu Dhabi, making him an internationally renowned Museum architect after Frank L Wright, Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid.  The representative works include the renovation of Cai Guoqiang's courtyard (Beijing, 2007), Digital Beijing - Olympic Control Center (Beijing, 2008), OCT Design Museum (Shenzhen, 2011), Beijing Minsheng Modern Art Museum (Beijing, 2015), Beijing Taimiao Art Museum (Beijing, 2015), etc. The latest design works include Jingjiang Culture Center, Dali Art Museum, Shijingshan Culture Center, Dali Yang Liping Performing Arts Center, Shouxian Culture and Art Center, Jingdezhen Royal Kiln Museum, etc.

His works have been exhibited at the Venice Biennale in Italy, the Sao Paulo Biennale in Brazil, the Pompidou Art Center in France, the Victoria Museum in Britain, the Cassell National Gallery in Germany, the Dresden National Gallery in Germany, the Aedes Architectural Museum in Berlin, the Harvard School of Design and the 21st Century Gallery in Italy. .

As the most important architectural award in Europe, the judges of the Mies van der Rowe Building Award and the Hongkong design week judge. He has been invited to give academic lectures at Harvard University, Columbia University, Berkeley University, Rice University, Rhode Island School of Design, University of Southern California, University of Austin, University of Auckland, New Zealand, etc.