International Conferences
International Conferences
  • 2019-APDF Turin International Cooperation Seminar
    On September 16, 2019, He Changcheng, the founding chairman of APDF, was invited to hold a cooperation seminar with three professors such as Alessandro of Turin University of Technology at the“Zero Gravity” Institute in Turin. Based on the unique strengths of automotive intellectual and utomotive design at the Turin University of Technology, Oskar Ho representing APDF investigated with three professors on the collaboration about the design of automotive design courses and design exploration of vehicles based on future space travel.
  • 2019-IAI design award launch ceremony in Milan
    On September 14, 2019, APDF held the IAI Design Awards Cooperation Seminar at Tsinghua University in Milan. Oskar Ho, Founding Chairman of APDF and Chairman of IAI Design Award, made a special trip to host the event. Italian designer Volevatch, Mr. Thomas Gervex, IAI Italian award-winning designer Davide Montanaro, Tsinghua Park Art Director Zhang Bohu and other Chinese and foreign design representatives attended the event. This IAI seminar event.
  • APDF Speaks at the UN NGO Conference Create A New Era of Global Design Cooperation
    Mr. He Changcheng, Founding Chairman of the Asia Pacific Designers Federation (APDF), was formally invited to participate in the 68th UN NGO Conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA on August 25-28, and discussed in the "Digital Economy Integration and Innovation Design" keynote speech "Designed for the Earth" at the conference, to call  for global designers to focus on the future of the planet and practice with sustainable thinking to create a more sustainable world ecosystem for the planet and all its inhabitants.
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