District Conferences
District Conferences
  • 2015 APDF International Cities Creative Connection Forum-Design Innovation and Future Cities
    APDF International Cities Creative Connection Forum was held on the morning of September 15, 2015 in Hall of Yifu Teaching Building,Jilin Jianzhu University. It is an important part of the launch of APDF International Cities Creative Connection -Jilin,Changchun.
  • The Launch Ceremony of IAI Design Award Exchange Session and The Preparatory Conference of APDF Yunnan Council Branch
    On January 13th, the opening ceremony of Asia Pacific Designers Federation (APDF) Greater China Yunnan Council Branch's Preparatory Conference was held in Kunming. During the event it was our pleasure to welcome APDF Founder and International Council Secretary, General He Changcheng, APDF Deputy Council President and President of Taiwan Council Branch, Cheng Guangxiong, President of APDF Greater China Academic Committee and the Vice Director of the Central Academy of Fine Arts at the School of Urban Design, Huang Jiancheng,
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