District Conferences
District Conferences
  • IAI Greater China Council Inauguration will be held in Beijing
    IAI was formed in year 2008 in Hong Kong. As a global professional design organization with members from around the world, IAI has held six International Design Competitions and many academic forums, exhibitions and exchange activities. With the growth of IAI, the organization will set up first of its Greater China Council in Beijing with the blessing and agreement from all it's members.
  • Preparatory Meeting of IAI Headquarter Establishment Preparatory Committee was Held in Hong Kong
    IAI Asia-Pacific Designers Federation Headquarter Establishment Preparatory Committee and strategic cooperation conferences seminar took place on 29th in October, 2013 in Hong Kong. IAI founder, Executive Chairman and Secretary-General He Changcheng, honorary chairman Steve Leung,IAI deputy director Huang Jiancheng, vice chairman Chen Guangxiong, director Han Jiaying, IAI General of the Council Keat Ong Wang Shengjie(Singapore), executive director He Zongxian (Hong Kong), Hong Kong APDA president Chen Zhiyi, HKDA president Li Yuehua attended the conference on behalf of IAI International Council.
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