District Conferences
District Conferences
  • APDF Chairman Visits Xiamen Shapo Bank Taiwan Youth Entrepreneurship Base
    On November 10, 2019, He Changcheng, the founding chairman of APDF, accompanied by Wang Dong, representative of Xiamen, visited the Xiamen Sha Po Xing Taiwan Youth Entrepreneurship Base, Siming District Taiwan Compatriot Station-Shapoxing fellowship point and the National Ministry of Humanities and Social Affairs. Mr. Jiang Ning, Director of national Cultural and Creative Night Training Department, Xiamen Shangzhou Agricultural Products Group Co., Ltd., Mr. Peng Zhihong, General Manager of Taiwan Youth Entrepreneurship Base of Shangzhou Shapoxing, and other experts from Taiwanese culture innovation circles investigated the landing projects of APDF in Xiamen and the establishment of APDF chapter platform. . The two sides also conducted fruitful discussions and exchanges on the future cooperation content, and gave great expectations to the future role of APDF in design communication and cooperation between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits. Finally, the two sides agreed to further close exchanges and strive to reach cooperation as soon as possible.
  • 2019-APDF The first executive council meeting of Nanjing Branch was successfully held
    The first executive council meeting of the Nanjing Branch 2019 was held on August 10th in The Zen town in Maanshan - Putang. Taoli Ziwei Hotel, which is more than 20 kilometers away from Nanjing. This is the first standing council meeting organized by the new core members of the new session of APDF Nanjing Branch. The founding chairman of APDF, He Changcheng, made a special trip to attend. The new president of APDF Nanjing Branch Cong Ning, vice president and supervisor Wang Bin, Executive Secretary Shi Yanbo and Standing Director Wang Yijun, Huang Kun, Lin Jing,a total of eight core members participated in the meeting.
  • APDF Nanjing Branch First Executive Council Meeting
    In order to better implement the mission, goals and willingness of APDF in various places, Let APDF promote urban and industrial transformation and development in Nanjing, actively participate in urbanization and beautiful rural construction, promote design education and career development, at the same time, establish a platform for industry, academic, research, transformation of results and finance through APDF, transforming academic achievements and promoting the healthy and sustainable development of regional economy. The first meeting of the 2019 Asia Pacific Designers Federation (APDF) Nanjing Branch Executive Council will be held in Nanjing on August 10, 2019.
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