About APDF

APDF Asia Pacific Designers Federation is an international non-governmental organization that promotes design. Its core members are composed of prestigious design masters, professors, experts and scholars from all over the world. It was founded in 2009 in Hong Kong, China, and the headquarters was established in Shanghai , China, which is dedicated to providing a comprehensive communication and cooperation platform for design professionals, universities and design institutions in Asia Pacific and global, to bridge the gap between design and commercialization.

Brief Introduction


Asia Pacific Designers Federation was built in 2006. in 2009, officially changed its name to the Asia Pacific Designers Federation (APDF) approved by the Hong Kong Police Community Center.

Vision, Mission, and Values

Promote coordinated development of design and related industries and devoted to drive development of national and regional economy;
Provide diverse services for design development in the Asia Pacific region according to politic ,social, andcultural differences of different countries and regions;  
Advocating design as an effective method which can promote harmonious existence of humanity and theirenvironment;

Aim to be anacademic, non-party, and non-governmental Federation;

APDF, a renewed international design organization, advocates and builds design standards, achievement certification,intellectual property right protection, sustainable development, as well asrespects both traditional craft & culture and innovative & hightechnology in accordance with the development of society and industry in thefuture;
Guiding and fostering professional consciousness, improving level of design and professional integrity, as well asregarding designers as a promising vocation;
Calling for professional designerswith a responsible attitude towards design services and quality assurance;
Looking for and promoting excellent design works, defining the best design cases and best practice of management;
Under the guidance of academic leadership and actions, promoting design as a significant role and effectiveway in changing social and economic development and lifestyles
Conducting high quality design education courses and practical activities all over the world, enhancing development of design education and career, sharing best practice and improving ability ofdesign;
Cooperating with other international organizations and related design institutions from all over the world, enhancing global design communication and cooperation;  

Academic Achievements
IAI Design Award was founded in 2006 by APDF founding president, Oskar Ho.Since its inaugural year, the event hasbeen held successfully in the following eleven years. In that time span the event has recognized and developed the worksand careers of hundreds of designers both young and world renowned. The eventhas been recognized as “the Oscars of Design” by both domestic and foreign media outlets and now IAI Design Award has entered the global designstage. Inaddition to the work completed with IAI Design Award, APDF has also promotedthe integration and development of Chinese design culture and world design culture by conducting many academic investigation, training activities, and design forums throughout in China, Austria, Germany, the United Arab Emirates,and other countries around the world. Such events and activities have allowed for the continued communication and development of cultural and design related cooperation.