Asia Pacific Designers Federation (English Name: ASIA PACIFIC DESIGNERS FEDERATION. abbreviated as APDF).It is an international academic organization that promotes the design profession. Members come from different countries and regions and the core members are composed of prestigious design masters, professors, experts and scholars from various countries. It is dedicated to providing a comprehensive platform of communication and cooperation for design professionals, universities and design institutions in the Asia Pacific region and around the world, also providing a bridge for design and commercial cooperation.

Left: Mr. Oskar Ho accompanied the fifth Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor to visit the HK Design Exhibition.

Right: Mr. Oskar Ho took a group photo with Hong Kong's first Chief Executive, Mr. Dong Jianhua.


APDF was established in 2006, and the Asia Pacific Federation of Architects and Interior Designers (IAI) was registered in October 2008. In 2009, the ASIA PACIFIC DESIGNERS FEDERATION was approved and authorized by the Government of The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China. The founder of APDF is Mr. Oskar Ho. He is currently the chairman of APDF.


APDF Greater China branch was established in July 2013 at the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts in China, APDF has liaison offices in Shanghai, Xiamen and Tianjin.

APDF US branch was formally established in the United States in August 2019. The branch's secretariat is located in Los Angeles, with a liaison office in Seattle.

APDF Milan International Design Exchange Center was established in Milan, Italy in April 2018, with its address at Only Italy World headquarters in Milan.

APDF American branch ceremony was held at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, USA, attended by some delegates from the 68th non-governmental organization.

Vision and Mission

● Promote the coordinated development of design and related industries, address the socio-economic development and needs of the country and region through federation's actions, and improve the quality of people’s lives;

● Provide diversified services for design development in the Asia-Pacific region based on political, social and cultural differences in different countries and regions;

● Give voice in the filed of design from federation as an academic community and non-partisan and non-governmental organizations;

● Advocate design as an effective way to promote harmonious coexistence between humans and the environment and achieve interests;

● APDF positions its own development and ultimate goals as a new international design group organization, advocates and gradually establishes "design standards", "achievement recognition", "intellectual property protection", "sustainable development", “Traditional crafts and culture” and “high and new technology” that are in line with future social and industry development;

● Guide and cultivate public and individual awareness of design practitioners and clients as an important and valuable profession in society;

● Promote professional designers to provide design services and quality assurance in a responsible manner;

● Discover and promote excellent design works, and define best design cases and management practices;

● Promote design as an important force and effective way to change socio-economic development and lifestyle through academic leadership and action initiatives;

● Carry out high-quality design education and practice activities in countries around the world to promote design education and career development, share best practices, and improve students’ design capabilities;

● Establish cooperation with other international organizations and related design institutions around the world to promote global design understanding and cooperation.


APDF signs the strategic cooperation with Only Italy group                      APDF signs strategic the cooperation with                                                                                                                                                   Sapienza University of Rome

Academic Achievements

APDF has successfully held 15 IAI design Award competitions, discovered and promoted a number of new Chinese and foreign designers, and continuously displayed excellent design works for a long time. It has also organized hundreds of design forums, seminars and theme salons, regularly organized Chinese and foreign designers to study, visits, and academic exchange activities. There are many Chinese designers organized to go to Austria, Germany, Dubai, Malaysia and other countries and regions for exchange, investigation and research. APDF holds the annual IAI International Design Festival, establishes international design exchange and cooperation, and publishes the academic yearbook of IAI Design Award as well as disseminates excellent design works and ideas. APDF participates in the UN CONFERENCE of Non-Governmental organizations to promote world design innovation and sustainable development.

The 'IAI Design Award' competition founded by Mr. Oskar Ho, president of IAI Design Award, as an important creative activity of APDF, has been successfully held 14th competition. It has been praised as 'Design Oscar' by CCTV and other Chinese and foreign media. It is one of the most prestigious design competitions in the Asia-Pacific region and even the world.